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"The Hunt for Yarely" debuts Sat., August 6th!

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

The Moses Lake Watershed Council is proud to co-sponsor Moses Lake's newest musical, "The Hunt for Yarely" debuting on August 6th!

The Hunt for Yarely was written and will be performed by Moses Lake residents Jeff Ames, Emily Duvall, and Ron Sawyer, and scored with new arrangements by Diego Wasserman from Buenos Aires of well-known pop songs. The play is meant to bring awareness to our regional lakes and Moses Lake in particular. Band members include Rebecca Sawyer (keyboard), Bob Meyer (keyboard), Ron Sawyer (trumpet), Dan Beich (tenor sax), and Mike Riggs (drums). Additional actors include Zoe Sterner and Nathaniel Stuart.

The show takes place at the McCosh Park Amphitheater during the Moses Lake Farmers Market on Saturday, August 6th at 9:30 AM and 11 AM, run time of one hour.

The play follows the water droplet, Yarely, through the water cycle, while also teaching

audience members about water conservation, water quality, and blue-green algae.

“The play is also an opportunity to inform the community about the Moses Lake Watershed Council’s work to help improve Moses Lake’s water quality and prevent blue-green algae blooms,” said Ron Sawyer, who works for the Grant County Conservation District and initiated the creation of this show. “Thankfully, last year, Moses Lake’s water quality was the best it has been in years and this year is looking similar. We have a lot of work left to do, but progress is being made.”

The play is made possible with support from the Grant County Conservation District, City of Moses Lake, Moses Lake Watershed Council, Cascade Marina, Columbia Basin Allied Arts (CBAA), and Moses Lake Farmers Market.

The event is part of CBAA’s inaugural Civic Series, the aim of which is to serve new audiences in new venues.


More information can be found at or

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