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Moses Lake Watershed Council

A Community-Led Effort

The Moses Lake Watershed Council (MLWC) is dedicated to identifying and facilitating community-led efforts to improve, protect, and preserve water quality in Moses Lake and the greater watershed for present and future generations.


Formed in 2018 as an ad hoc committee, the MLWC has grown to include a diverse representation of affected stakeholders within the watershed, including: 


Strategic Plan

MLWC had a 1-day strategic thinking session on 7/17/19.  The group worked through our mission, short and long-term accomplishments, structural framework, early actions, funding, and grant applications.


Download here


If you are interested in joining the MLWC or attending one of our monthly meetings, please contact the Columbia Basin Conservation District at (509) 765-9618.


We look forward to working with you to help keep our lake clean, our community healthy, and our economy strong.

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