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Grant County Healthy Lakes
Blue-Green Algae Tracker

In July 2023, the Grant County Health District (GCHD) launched the Healthy Lakes Tracker Pilot Project.  The Healthy Lakes Blue-Green Algae Tracker is an online mapping tool that provides the public with information regarding blue-green algae conditions on Moses Lake.

All data is collected and submitted by GCHD's Cyanobacteria Surveillance by Citizens, Users, and Managers (CSCUM) volunteer group.  Volunteers collect and submit data every week generally from May through October at 13 observation sites around the lake.  The observation sites are at popular public access areas such as parks, swim areas, and boat launches. Volunteers check for harmful algae blooms and upload photos of the lake at each site.

Data submitted by CSCUM volunteers is reviewed by GCHD prior to being posted to the Healthy Lakes Blue-Green Algae Tracker. 


You can view the photos and see current advisories on the Healthy Lakes Tracker by clicking here.

This pilot project is a collaborative effort between GCHD, Columbia Basin Conservation District, and the Moses Lake Watershed Council with seed funding from Grant County through the American Rescue Plan Act.  Currently, only Moses Lake is included in the Healthy Lakes Tracker, but partners hopes to expand the project to Potholes Reservoir in 2024.


Learn More

Visit Grant County Health District for more information on blue-green algae monitoring.

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