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Welcome, Heritage Gardens Program!

On the heels of Pollinators Week, we are excited to announce, Grant County Conservation District is now offering the acclaimed Heritage Garden Program of the Columbia Basin.

Heritage Gardens are a great way to help improve and protect our watershed's water quality -- among many, many other benefits!

Native desert globemallow flower in a certified Heritage Garden in Tri-Cities, WA, taken by Cascadia Conservation District.

Heritage Gardens: - Promote low-water-use landscaping and efficient irrigation methods; - Promote the use of native plants, especially those of cultural significance; and - Educate our community about the history and biodiversity of the Columbia River Basin.

Grant County Conservation District now provides: - Information and education on creating a Heritage Garden; - Review of your design and plant selection before you plant; and - Certification of your Heritage Garden!

To learn more and get started, contact Dinah Rouleau, GCCD at (509) 765-9618 or email at


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