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First Annual Desert Lawns & Landscapes Seminar raises awareness of water conservation opportunities

On May 6th, the Moses Lake Watershed Council held its first annual Desert Lawns and Landscapes Seminar.

Presentations were provided by Dinah Rouleau, Ron Scerbicke, and Harold Crose of the Columbia Basin Conservation District, Doug Coutts and Bill Auckett of the City of Moses Lake, and Stephanie Shopbell and Kelsey Jacobs of the Grant County Health District. Topics covered included responsible lawn care, low water alternatives to grass, the City of Moses Lake’s parks water conservation program, and an opportunity to sign up as a volunteer for the Grant County Algae Tracker program or the Shoreline Nutrient Assessment Program.

The Columbia Basin Conservation District and the City of Moses Lake Park and Recreation Department hosted the event at the City’s new Larson Recreation Center.

Informational booths were provided by Moses Lake Watershed Council members, including the Moses Lake Irrigation and Rehabilitation District, CBCD, and the Grant County Health District.

Highlights of the event included several presentations from Vanguard Academy students proposing solutions to reduce the presence of harmful algal blooms in Moses Lake. Their energy was contagious as they interacted with speakers and audiences alike.

Thank you to all who came to the event. We look forward to seeing you there next year!

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